Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Buffalo Bill’s House, The Silence of the Lambs film location in historic Perryopolis, PA.

We have received inaccurate press in the past about becoming a Bed & Breakfast. We are not a Bed & Breakfast. When you book at Buffalo Bill’s House, you and your party (up to 8 max) will have exclusive access to the entire home and it’s almost two acres of lush private property. Buffalo Bill’s House only books one party at a time, so you will never stay overnight with anyone outside of your booking party.

We encourage you to make your reservation through our online booking system, but you can also email us at or call us at 1.833.BUFFBILL (1.833.283.3245)

To activate 30% OFF discounts on 4 or more nights, you can call us at 1.833.BUFFBILL (1.833.283.3245) or email

Late Bookings: Bookings made within 48 hours of a stay must be made by phone or email. Please call us at 1.833.BUFFBILL (1.833.283.3245) or email us at

Our Pricing is a nightly rate that is broken down into tiered groups, based upon the total number of guests who are staying overnight with the exception of Halloween 2021 weekend, which is one flat rate for up to 8 guest excluding applicable room taxes and seasonal rates.

Tier #1 Group Pricing: 1-4 Total Guests

Tier #2 Group Pricing: 5-6 Total Guests

Tier #3 Group Pricing: 7-8 Total Guests

VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT leave the “Guest” amount at the default number “1”, please put in the amount of guests in your party who are staying the night. It is up to the person booking to make sure this step is filled out accurately! The rate changes with the total numbers of guests entered (as discussed in “tiered pricing” located above).

If the number of guests entered during booking, is not accurate, either by accident or otherwise, please notify us before your stay or you will NOT be allowed to stay at Buffalo Bill’s House upon arrival.

(EX. If you booked for 4 guests, but show up with 5 guests in your party, our property manager will be notified and you will be asked to leave the property immediately and forfeit your stay as well as your payment).

Please do not violate our policy.

The cleaning fee is built-in to our pricing. Sales tax & Fayette County occupancy tax are the only additional fees at checkout.

Exclusive discounts on 1 night stays & fun giveaways are available throughout the year by subscribing to our mailing list here

Yes, we offer the below discounts for 2 nights or more.

-25% OFF discount is automatically applied at checkout when 2 or more nights are booked between May 1st – November 13th.

-20% OFF discount is automatically applied at checkout when 2 or more nights are booked between November 14th – April 30th due to the lower Winter seasonal rates.

-35% OFF discount is available for 4 or more nights booked between May 1 – November 13th! Please call 1.833.BUFFBILL (1.833.283.3245) or email to claim a discount for 4 nights or more!

There is no minimum stay requirement unless it’s a holiday (i.e. Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving eve & Thanksgiving, Christmas eve & Christmas, New Years eve & New Years Day, Valentines Day weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, & July 4th Weekend) which requires a two-night minimum stay.

Guests are welcome to check-in at Buffalo Bill’s House at 3pm and our check-out time is 11am promptly or you’ll run into our property manager and get the hose again!

Buffalo Bill’s House guest occupancy is limited to eight people. There are 4 bedrooms, one king bed, two queen beds,two twin beds. A Pack ‘n Play is available for babies and toddlers upon request. No additional guests are allowed in the house or on the property at any time that are outside your booked party. No sleeping bags, air mattresses or cots can be brought into the rooms. The house is monitored 24-hours a day with outdoor surveillance cameras.

Yes, children count toward the occupancy limit. Children 8 and under are no charge, but please don’t count them as a guest at checkout or you will be charged. Only a max occupancy of 8 people including children are allowed by county ordinance to stay overnight at Buffalo Bill’s House.

A pack-n-play is available for babies and toddlers upon request.

No additional guests are allowed on property at any time without prior approval, this includes inside the home and the surrounding outdoor property. No sleeping bags, air mattresses or cots can be brought into the home. The entire exterior of the home & property are professionally monitored with live video surveillance 24 hours a day. If you choose to violate the policy by attempting to have more guests than your party is booked for, our property manager will be notified. He will personally come to the house, and you will be asked to leave the grounds immediately and forfeit your stay as well as your payment. (i.e. If you booked a stay at Buffalo Bill’s House for a party of 4 and you show up with 5 or more people, our property manager will be notified. He will personally come to the house, and you will be asked to leave the property immediately and forfeit your stay as well as your payment) If you adhere to the number of guests you claim at booking you will have no problems. DO NOT VIOLATE THIS POLICY!

If you have a group that would like a private tour or event at Buffalo Bill’s House, please submit a request by contacting us here or call us at 1.833.283.3245. Our ability to service these requests will vary based on availability.

Purchase tickets to our upcoming guided tour tickets by clicking here. Our Fall 2022 season guided tours will be the last tours of the 2022 season.

Yes! Whether you are shooting a feature film, short, television, music video, web content, or a still based photography shoot, Buffalo Bill’s House is able to accommodate your requests! Please call 1.833.283.3245 or email to speak further about your production.

Pennsylvania offers a 25% tax credit to productions that spend at least 60% of their total budget in the Commonwealth.

Projects eligible for Film Tax Credits under the program are: the production of a feature film, a television film, a television talk show or game show series, a television commercial, a television pilot or each episode of a television series intended as programming for a national audience.

Yes. There is a 50″ TV in the living room of Buffalo Bill’s House and a 65″ TV in the loft/attic area. TVs are equipped with Pluto & Samsung apps and a DVD player. The TV in the loft/attic area also has a VHS player and a sound bar. There is a copy of “The Silence of the Lambs” and many more DVD’s & VHS tapes to enjoy at Buffalo Bill’s House!

Yes, The thermostat is located in the Dining Room to control the
air conditioning and heating for the first floor.

There are air conditioner window units on the 2nd floor in the Master Bedroom &
4th bedroom (twin beds) closest to the loft/gameroom door.
We have ceiling fans in all bedrooms. Please use them to keep it cool.
The thermostat to control the heating on the 2nd floor is
also located in the Master Bedroom.

The Loft/Gameroom area has two air conditioner window units,
ceiling fan, and an extra oscillating fan.
Please conserve energy & shut off all air conditioners when not in use.

Yes. Buffalo Bill’s House has a microwave, toaster, refrigerator, coffee maker, a full size stove and all kitchen utensils and serverware/bakeware.

Yes, we do offer coffee pods, sugar, creamer, & an assortment of tea for our guests.

Yes. Towels, sheets, pillows and comforters are provided at Buffalo Bill’s House. Our housekeeping department ensures all linens are washed after each booking.

While all pets are “Precious” (haha), we regret that we are not able to permit pets of any kind. Some guests may be allergic to them. Guests bringing pets into the rooms will be asked to leave immediately and be charged a minimum $250 maintenance fee to return any room to a pet free status. Buffalo Bill’s House welcomes service animals. Please note we will require appropriate documentation before your booking/arrival.

There is a strict no smoking policy at Buffalo Bill’s House. Smoking in any form including cigarettes, vaping or any other form of tobacco or marijuana use is strictly forbidden inside the house. Due to county fire ordinances, we do not allow smoking or incense/candle burning in Buffalo Bill’s House. If there is any evidence of smoke detected in your room or any part of Buffalo Bill’s House, you will be charged a minimum $250 fee to return any room to a non-smoking status.

If you must smoke please do so on the front or back porch. No smoking on the rest of the outside property or in the train caboose. Please put out cigarette butts appropriately and discard in the outside trash bin. Do not discard cigarettes inside the house. Discarding cigarette butts in the yard will result in a $25 extra clean up fee.

A charcoal grill is available outside. We do not supply charcoal.

The pool is currently under renovation and will not be be open for the Summer 2022 season. Please check our website periodically for updates.

There’s ample parking in front of our 3 car garage.

Buffalo Bill’s house has outdoor surveillance cameras for house safety. There are no cameras inside Buffalo Bill’s House. We have a decibal monitor inside the home, which will only alert us of very loud noise. No conversations are picked up.

We unfortunately cannot offer early check-ins or late check-outs when staying at Buffalo Bill’s House. All guests must check-in no earlier than 3:00 pm and must check-out no later than 11:00 am on the final day of their stay. We have a very specific schedule with our property manager and housekeepers that must be kept intact.

Relax & enjoy
"The Silence"

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