Buffalo Bill's House is in the News!

BILL SKINS FIFTH!!! Well, Buffalo Bill’s House may not be featuring that headline on our website, but When Silence of the Lambs House went on sale, press noticed! Check out all of our recent coverage below!


Buffalo Bill’s House was showcased on ET TONIGHT! Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter himself!) was interviewed to promote his “AH Eau De Parfum” & “Home Fragrance Candle Collection”, when he was informed that The Silence of the Lambs house was for sale! At the 51- second mark, the journalist asks Mr. Hopkins, if he could ever live in Buffalo Bill’s House? His response was nothing short of classic! “That’s a horrible place…who would buy that?!” Well Mr. Hopkins, the answer is WE WOULD & WE LOVE IT! Hahahahaha!!!


Buffalo Bill’s House made it to network TV! The realtors representing the home (Credit to: @thesisterssoldit _pittsburgh) ran such a fantastic marketing campaign that TMZ Live picked up the story! Click the link below to view the behind the scenes video tour that made it on TMZ Live!


When Buffalo Bill’s House hit the market, People.com was all over the breaking news! Click the link below for a great read!

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