Buffalo Bill’s House is located on the Youghiogheny River & near the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) at mile marker 102. Nearby Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Canoeing, golfing, haunted houses, wineries, breweries & more!

‘The Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, & ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ filming locations are all under 90 minutes from Buffalo Bill’s House. Some of these locations are functioning businesses or private residences so please be respectful and use common sense while visiting them. Thank you for understanding.

The Historic Layton Tunnel & Bridge
.5 miles away


A former rail tunnel and bridge. Both date back to 1899 and were abandoned for rail use in 1931. In 1933 they were converted to automobile use and connect Layton and Perryopolis, PA (Buffalo Bill’s House) via a one-lane tunnel & bridge. The Layton Bridge is a Pratt truss bridge over The Youghiogheny River in Layton, Pennsylvania. The trusses are of an unusual design with the roadway running through the middle of the truss instead of along the bottom, giving it the appearance of both a deck truss and thru truss when viewed from the river or the GAP trail. However, this does not mark the end of this amazing crossing. Once across the bridge, the journey continues through a tunnel carved out of the hillside. This is the only known combination of metal truss bridge and tunnel in vehicular use in Pennsylvania.

It was filmed as part of “Fire in the Hole”, the pilot episode of the television series “Justified”, and was seen in the film “The Silence of the Lambs.” Most recently “Sweet Girl”, a Netflix feature thriller starring Jason Mamoa was filmed here as well!

Legend has that at night people have heard loud noises and screams come from the tunnel. Sometimes they even hear whispers.

When you come to visit Buffalo Bill’s House, you will have to pass through this very tunnel! It is quite spooky at night time! Trust us, we know! Learn more about the historic Layton Tunnel & Bridge here.

Bring your bikes & hiking boots because “Buffalo Bill’s House” is located near the The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) at mile marker 102. Just outside the Layton Tunnel, you’ll find a side street that will take you to a parking lot to explore the GAP!

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is a rail trail that offers 150 miles of hiking and biking from Maryland to Pennsylvania—the central trail of a network of long-distance hiker-biker trails throughout the Allegheny region of the Appalachian Mountains, connecting Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Great Allegheny Passage soars over valleys, snakes around mountains, and skirts alongside three rivers (the Casselman, Youghiogheny, and Monongaleha) on its nearly level path. Cyclists pass through the Cumberland Narrows, cross the Mason-Dixon Line, top the Eastern Continental Divide at 2,392’, weave through the breathtaking Laurel Highlands, wind their way through the 20,633-acre Ohiopyle State Park, journey through the region’s coke, coal, mining, and steel-making corridor, and end at Pittsburgh’s majestic Point State Park.

Hazelbakers River Trips
.5 miles away

Get outside, relax, and go canoeing right around the corner from Buffalo Bill’s House! Take a canoe or kayak and float down the scenic Class 1, moving flatwater. Just float and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of The Youghiogheny River. Reserve your river trip now!

Winslow Winery offers a small intimate experience with a focus on quality, locally grown wines. A small indoor area and an outdoor area that faces a beautiful vineyard.

Whitsett GAP Trail Access
3.7 miles away

A great place to jump on the trail. Has a nice picnic area, clean facilities and plenty of parking. The trail stretches from here to Connellsville and offers some of the best views you will find. Click here to map out the best trails in Perryopolis.

Providence Quaker Cemetery and Chapel
4.1 miles away


This historic landmark located two miles southwest of Perryopolis, PA is one of the few remaining Quaker meeting houses still standing in the U.S. This 20 x 30 foot sandstone structure was built in 1895 using the stone from a much larger building that was on the property before that. Membership in the church had dwindled to the point that this facility was only needed as a memorial chapel for family members when visiting the cemetery. It is said to be approximately 500 people buried here but only 193 graves are documented. It used to be a Quaker tradition to not mark graves in the early days. To further add to the rich history of this place, the 1,300 acres of farmland surrounding the property was once owned by General George Washington, before he became our first U.S. President. Click here to learn more.

Golf at Linden Hall
5.5 miles away

Linden Hall was ranked in the Top 25 golf courses in Pennsylvania and offers a challenging 18-hole, par-73 course over gentle, rolling terrain. Wide fairways and superb greens await you.

Vinoski Winery & Spa
9.7 miles away

Experience a magnificent setting at Vinoski Winery. Grab your partner or friends for a stroll on the grounds, relax on their patio and enjoy the first fruits off the vines in a friendly atmosphere. Vinoski Winery also offers a Spa, enjoy a stone, deep tissue, hot stone massage for a romantic day or girls day.

Critter Country Animal Farm
10.7 miles away

A visit to the Critter Country Animal Farm is not only fun, but it’s educational, too! A walk through the zoo displays 250 to 300 animals from alpacas to zebras. Most animals are free roaming on many acres of rolling green pasture. Kids and parents alike will love this day trip!

Bloom Brew
11.9 miles away

Bloom Brew is located on the bank of the Youghiogheny River, directly across from the 150 mile long GAP biking & hiking trail. They brew all their beer, giving the opportunity to offer craft unique one of a kind beers. They carry gluten free beer along with cider, wine and mead. They offer live music from May thru October.

Nemacolin Castle
13.1 miles away

Nemacolin Castle is the third oldest castle in The United States. It is operated by the Brownsville Historical Society and it operates, Nemacolin Castle, as a historical site and museum. They run events such as a Castle Ghost Hunt, Haunted Castle, Christmas Past Tour, & an Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park
15.1 miles away

Haunted Hills Estate Screampark is “The Ultimate Haunted Attraction.” They offer a unique Halloween season event, but also a diverse series of horrifying off-season events throughout the year. Click here to purchase tickets.

Bella Terra Vineyards
18.6 miles away

Bella Terra is 17 acres of beautiful land in Hunker, PA that includes a gorgeous three-acre lake and vineyard. Fall in love with their amazing assortment of red, white and blush wines, hard cider, local beers on tap and house-made wine cocktails with PA liquor. The location is ideal; it is two miles from the Pennsylvania Turnpike but nestled among several hundred-year-old trees, giving you easy access and plenty of privacy for a romantic getaway or fun day with friends.

Fallingwater-Frank Lloyd Wright
27.6 miles away

The Kaufmanns’ unique path as a family, which led them to the community of Bear Run, Pennsylvania, and eventually the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, would lay the foundation for Fallingwater—one of the greatest architectural triumphs of the 20th century. Tourists from around the world travel to Pennsylvania to see this historic architecture. Click here to purchase tickets to the Fallingwater House.

Ohiopyle State Park
29.7 miles away

Adventure awaits in Ohiopyle! Ohiopyle State Park offers some of the best white water rafting in the eastern U.S.! Just a short distance from Ohiopyle you will find “Fallingwater” designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Moxley's Drug Store | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
30.7 miles away

Exterior of Moxley’s Drug Store.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
33.3 miles away

Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) meets the entomologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the Carnegie Institute.

Allegheny County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
33.6 miles away

‘Memphis Town Hall’, where Lecter escapes from the holding cell and borrows the face of his guard, is the Allegheny County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum, 4141 Fifth Avenue, a military museum, part of the University of Pittsburgh.

Many of the film’s interiors were shot in the abandoned Westinghouse turbine factory (now known as Keystone Commons).

Bradford Court Apartments | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
36 miles away

Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) abducts Catherine (Brooke Smith) outside of an apartment building.

Your Self Storage | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
46 miles away

Jodie Foster (Clarice) arrives at the storage facility looking for clues to a series of murders and crawls under a door into a unit.

Bimmel House | 'The Silence of the Lambs' Filming Location
64 miles away

Mr. Bimmel lost his daughter to the serial killer at this house. The Back of Bimmel home is where Jodie foster (Clarice) questioned Harry Northup (Mr. Bimmel).

Special FX legend Tom Savini Mural by artist Jeremy Raymer
36.8 miles away

Tom Savini is an icon of horror known worldwide, but the Godfather of Gore still lives in the Pittsburg-area home he grew up in. His professional headquarters are also in the area (He runs the Tom Savini Special Make-Up Effects Program at the Douglas Education Center in Monessen), making Savini a much-loved member of the community. Savini helmed special effects on Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow 2, and many others; he’s also an accomplished actor & director. Case in point: Mural artist, Jeremy Raymer painted a 2,500-square-foot tribute to the Pittsburgh native.

Monroeville Mall | 'Dawn of the Dead' Filming Location
38.5 miles away

This place is most famous as the principle filming location for the film “Dawn of the Dead”, the cult zombie horror classic, directed by horror guru George A. Romero and released in 1978. Visit Monroeville Mall.

Evans City Cemetery Chapel | 'The Night of The Living Dead' Filming Location
62.6 miles away

The Evans City Cemetery is no ordinary cemetery. It’s where the opening of the horror film classic “The Night of The Living Dead” was shot, starting the world-wide Zombie craze!

Relax & enjoy "The Silence"

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